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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Sip A Smile And A Tune

Spent the evening visiting a friend and dining at a local elderly community with my 10 yr old son! Life there is precious and lived at a slower pace. A smile, hug or handshake can make someone's a day. I tried hard to see the story of someone's life on their worn in face or in their crumpled, or sturdy body posture. It seems the "in" hair style for women is the page boy of all lengths. Mostly white heads...some still use boxed color. The gentlemen pulled out their wives chairs or rolled them with care up to the table. I was surprised to see the amount of couples. I tried to pick my future self out from the ladies seated around the round tables as I sipped on peppermint tea. 

On our way back to my friends room, my son spotted a piano. He has been learning to play for the past 3 years. He sat down and started a Beatles tune. Then Claire de Lune and Beethoven. The crowd grew and folks yelled out the names of the tunes. My son was givin a business card from the activities director. They would love him to come and be the evening entertainment whenever he can fit it in to his schedule. Between homework, play dates, and video games. He was on cloud nine! A great evening. And a solid reminder of what really matters in this world. 

Everyone, slow down, sip your tea and smile at a stranger today. Time fly's... Happy Holidays.

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