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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inspiration Overload!

   Hey ya'll.  yes I said ya'll.  It is such an exciting time for me.  I am feeling so much creative energy flowing through my bod.  Idea's popping out of me like.... pimples on a sleeping 13 yr old. ( SEE!!)

I am finding difficult to stay tuned in to any one project as I am embarking on this creative journey.  I keep having to fend off the "should" monster in favor of my intuitive longings...  Like,  I should.....

1.  work on your blog template/ design 
2.  Paint
3.  Go shopping for a new pair of boots to wear to the conference next wk.
4.  Make dinner
5. Vacuum
6 .Exercise
7. Write in your blog
8. Hairapist ideas / classes

 I am much better at detecting  the 'should"monster these days.  The "shoulds" come from parts of my miserable inner critic, from loved ones and the "higher authority"  of  "others" out there whom  I imagine know more than I on well, any givin topic. But who better to listen to on matters of the soul than ...well, MY soul.

So you can see which one won out!!

There will still be time for me to cook, exercise and paint today if I choose to do all!

On another note......

               Meanwhile... in the SALON
I wanted to share a few photos of my friend Julie that I took this wk after cutting her hair!! The girl has STYLE (OUTER BEAUTY) and I just love the one where she is laughing!!  It really showcases her INNER BEAUTY!!!      Thanks JULIE!



My Salon as it looks now... SOON to become FLOW Beauty.

Going to get started painting now.........tootles!!  By the way LOVIN up my Kelly Rae E - course!

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  1. Thought I would pop in and check out your blog. Great post. I agree the pic of her laughing is great. I'm loving the Kelly Rae E course too. I have been on overload since starting but so worth it. Great blog.